Muslims are the second largest religious group in the EU consisting of around 25 million people. Intolerance and discrimination against Muslims are a serious problem and as a result, many Muslims cannot live free from fear because of widespread experiences of hostility in their societies.
COPE focuses on the problem of anti-Muslim hatred and aims at fostering a better understanding and improved dialogue among different groups and communities, especially non-Muslim and Muslim communities.

Prevention and decrease of anti-Muslim hatred by increased tolerance, trust, mutual understanding and social cohesion between non-Muslim and Muslim communities

Increasing awareness among the general public for the discrimination the Muslim community is facing

Empowerment of victims and groups at risk of anti-Muslim hatred

Enabling non-Muslim and Muslim communities in constructive handling of differences

Sustainable learnings about how to raise the level of social cohesion and combat religiously motivated racism

Representation of Muslim Europeans and Muslim role models in order to break down prejudices and clichés