COPE means "Community work, Participation & Empowerment ” and is a joint project by Caritas Vienna, the Modern Art Museum of Vienna, Nomada from Poland/Wroclaw and Mareena from Slovakia/Bratislava. We have teamed up to tackle and prevent anti-Muslim hatred in our three countries and in Europe.

Caritas Wien
Caritas Missing Link's services aim to promote better interaction between all population groups. Special emphasis is placed on ensuring that all members of society see themselves as active shapers of integration, get involved and see themselves as jointly responsible for good coexistence.


The MUMOK is the largest museum in Central Europe for art since modernism. It makes the various aspects of international and Austrian avant-garde accessible to everyone interested in arts.


NOMADA is a human rights organisation based in Wroclaw. It is focused on migrants, foreigners and ethnic or religious minorities. Nomada strives to shape attitudes of solidarity between people of different backgrounds and social statuses. Through its activities, Nomada attempts to create relationships based on mutual understanding.


Mareena is a civic organization providing integration services to refugees and foreigners in Slovakia. Mareena strives to support relationships between locals and foreigners and raise awareness on diversity, migration, and integration. Mareena’s vision is Slovakia welcoming to all people regardless of their nationality, ethnic or religious background.


What We Do Together

Intercultural and interreligious public events for Muslim and non-Muslim communities
community dinners, art workshops, discussions, community cafés, concerts, movie nights

Awareness raising participatory activities
workshops, empowerment trainings, dialogue groups

toolkits, manuals for NGOs and individuals, podcasts series, international social media campaign